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I’m your local wedding photographer, based in New Hampshire but ready to travel! I love iced coffee (but decaf because I already have way too much energy), breakfast foods, and Target.

I worked as a graphic designer for almost 10 years before leaving my job to become a fully self-employed photographer! Graphic design still runs through my veins, and I still practice it daily.

I have a golden retriever named Piper (hence Piper Photo, see what I did there?!), and she’s the best dog, I’m not biased, it’s true.

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fun facts about me


a short story of how i became a photographer

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I knew I’d be a photographer since the first time I picked up a camera at the ripe age of 6 because
that’s not true. It took me a little while to get there.

I took photography in high school, it was a film photography class and I was decent at it, definitely nothing spectacular, but I was also shy and wasn’t too keen on presenting my work, so I failed.

I took photography again, in college, and luckily I didn’t fail this time! I had friends in the class with me and I was perfectly fine presenting my work. It was film again, so it was fun, but it was also just a credit.

While in college I had a digital camera and brought it to every single party, event, or group hangout. Y’know, because that was actually the cool thing to do back then! That was fun to me, but never very creative. But during that time, I started asking my friends to pose in random fields and private property for me.

That’s when it became something more than just a thing everyone did. I was eager to photograph more friends and couples, and it wasn’t long after that my parents gifted me my first “real” camera. I had a friend of a friend ask if I wanted to tag along and second shoot a wedding with her because she’d seen some of my work on Facebook (lol).

That’s when I knew. Since 2012 I’ve been photographing love stories, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

are you ready yet?! i am!

let's do this thing